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    Me and the Biospheres by John Allen

  • HR Giger and the Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century

    H.R. Giger and the Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century

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    Tony Juniper’s Award-Winning Environmental Book

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    MYSTIC CHEMIST Wins “Best Biography”

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    eBooks Now Available!

Synergetic Press publishes books that deepen our understanding of Earth's living systems and the role of human culture within them.

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We publish works that are timeless, and we keep them in print. Since our inception, one of our primary concerns has been the relationship between people and the environment.

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About Us

As Buckminster Fuller noted, ‘Spaceship Earth’ did not come with an instruction manual. In order to truly understand the complex and dynamic nature of evolving life on this planet, as well as the role of human creativity within that matrix, we must explore the unknown, wild frontiers of knowledge, and we must do so with a rigorous intellect.

Synergetic Press, an independent publisher with offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico and London, England, has brought key and paradigm-shifting texts to readers in a variety of disciplines for over thirty years. Whether it’s the authoritative biography of Albert Hofmann, the discoverer of LSD, the seminal scientific work of Vladimir Vernadsky’s Geochemistry and the Biosphere, the classic ethnobotanical treatise of Richard Evans Schultes, the vivid personal recollections of Ram Dass and Ralph Metzner on the Birth of a Psychedelic Culture, or the eclectic catalog of polymath John Allen, visionary behind the Biosphere II experiment in Oracle, Arizona, Synergetic delivers the fruits of adventurous and comprehensive thinkers.

Visit us at Synergeticpress.com to join in our quest to better understand the world and our place within it. Sign-up to our mailing list for updates on exciting new titles and events.