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  • anthro_new_blog_cover

    Just Released: The Anthropocene

    We are pleased to announce the release of our latest title, The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet by Christian Schwägerl. This thoroughly researched book is the result of 10 years of research by award-winning environmental science journalist and author Christian Schwägerl and offers up a comprehensive world-eye-view of today’s ecological [...]

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  • giger_promo

    HR Giger and the Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century

    We’re proud to honor legendary Swiss surrealist HR Giger with HR Giger and the Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century. Essay by transpersonal psychology founder and author Stanislav Grof. Widely-known for his “biomechanoid” forms which influenced his Alien film character, Giger plumbed the depths of the dark recesses of the human subconscious for his influential and [...]

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  • author_mark_nelson2

    Wastewater Gardener Author Mark Nelson Interview on Talk of Alaska

      Between globetrotting on his mission and changing our wastewater stream, author Mark Nelson found a moment to sit down for an interview with Alaska Public Media’s Steve Heimel. Listen Now.

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Synergetic Press is an independent publisher committed to publishing the most original writers in the fields of environmental research, sustainability, ethnobotany, and consciousness. For the past thirty years, the Press has been part of a wider scientific and artistic community dedicated to exploring ways for humanity to exist in greater harmony with nature.

We offer the work of leaders and visionaries from diverse fields: environmentalists like Tony Juniper, Mark Nelson, and Christian Schwägerl; biospheric pioneers like Vladimir Vernadsky and John Allen; groundbreaking anthropologists like Richard Evans Schultes, Luis Eduardo Luna, and Steven F. White; spiritual seekers like Ram Dass, Ralph Metzner, Allan Badiner, Alex Grey, and Albert Hofmann; and inventive literary artists of the Beat Generation like William Burroughs, Johnny Dolphin, and Terry Wilson.

The world is at a crossroads today, and we believe it is our responsibility to bring forth works that point the way to achieving a healthier relationship with our planet and ourselves. We seek to publish writers who can inform and inspire the current and next generations with the most innovative, creative ideas and approaches to building a more sustainable and regenerative world—one that will flourish long into the future.

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