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2 reviews for On Feet of Gold

  1. …the scope and power of On Feet of Gold puts Ira Cohen at the forefront of American poets today.
    —Uri Hertz, Poetry Flash

  2. Exterior and interior merge, weave notions of meaning, point out our societal demarcations, and then take on the act of actual lviing as a continuous celebration without mincing words or trivializing human experience.
    —Ricardo Sanchez, Lively Arts, Texas

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On Feet of Gold


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By Ira Cohen


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Until Synergetic Press’s publication of ON FEET OF GOLD, the poetry of now-renowned Ira Cohen had appeared only in chapbooks. We like to think that our discovery of Ira’s work had at least a little something to do with the acclaim he went on to (and continues to) receive.

The poetry in ON FEET OF GOLD is a reflection of Ira’s many years of travel, living in the mystic lands of India and Nepal, as well as in Beirut, Amsterdam, and New York. But it is a mistake to believe that the geographical landscape is what frames the work here. Though almost every poem enjoys a (stated or unstated) geographical setting, it is the vast landscape of the mind, and in many cases, the spirit, that illuminates the poems and renders them essential to any genuine collection of language poetry.

Ira Cohen is a mystic, a shaman, a prophet, a visionary. He handles words the way a magician handles his amulets and charms. His verses are full of movement, both graceful and provocative. His poetic voice is robust and bewitching by turns, and his images are as fluid and fast flowing as water. It gives us great pleasure to be able to continue to offer this important title to his ever-growing number of devotees.