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Caravan of Dreams Theater Vol.2

Publication Date: March 10, 2012 ISBN: 978-090779102-7 Category:


Vol.2: In contrast with the first volume, the second is devoted to new mythologies and social forces. The three plays explore three American archetypal pursuits of happiness: the glory of the lone individual, the glamour of Hollywood and the magic lure of Space.

The Caravan of Dreams Touring Theater — also known as the `Theater of All Possibilities’ — was founded in 1967 by Director, Kathelin Hoffman, and dramaturge, Johnny Dolphin. Exercising the ensemble spirit of the Commedia Dell’arte and the Globe theater, it is a theater of ideas and energies that aims to stretch the boundaries of theatrical performance. It explores human intentions rather than reactions towards the making of history; in this way continuing the reach of Shakespeare, Goethe and Brecht. Johnny Dolphin (see above) has made his own versions of some of the greatest stories of the world, as well as creating new myths and images of our own age, for use by the Theater of All Possibilties in their performances.

Billy the Kid
Metal Woman
Tin Can Man

The folk hero BILLY THE KID defies the controls of a stagnant order- and the system strikes back, predictably, until a modern day ‘Billy’ cuts up and renews the myth so the hero can live to fight another day.

The America of Hollywood and glamour, illusion and image runs head-on into the America of idealist seekers after freedom and significance in the comedy of METAL WOMAN. Can everyone get what they want? In America–maybe!

The TIN CAN MAN shakes, rattles and rolls searching every dead-end alley and winds up on the threshold of the post-nihilist space age, disillusioned with every tried prescription for meaning, looking for the new frontier in which to “build a world closer to our hearts’ desire”.

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