Mystic Chemist

Mystic Chemist is the authoritative biography on the most famous chemist of the 20th century. Authors Hagenbach and Werthmüller, close friends of Hofmann, take us on a journey through the...

Tony Juniper’s Award-Winning Environmental Book

What Has Nature Ever Done for Us? wins best Green Living (Alternative energy, Conservation, Cleaning, etc.) book. British environmentalist Tony Juniper points out that we think everything nature does for us — providing water, pollinating plants, generating oxygen, recycling miracles in the soil and much more — is free, but it isn’t. Its economic value can, and has been, measured.

Our Year in Review

Thank you for your continued support of our books and extraordinary authors. It was a banner year for the press with the release of two award winning titles and the addition of several creative people to our team.

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